Skanda Yoga Teacher Training Sept 27-Jan 15 2014-2015

The 200 hour Skanda Yoga Teacher Training is registered with the Yoga Alliance  and will be offered September 27th to January 15th.  Classes will meet Saturdays and Sundays from 3-6pm. The course is geared for those who aspire to be teachers, or for teachers wanting to gain new skills. It is also  for the dedicated student that...

Lucid Dreaming Workshop July 6 from 3:00-6:00pm

dreamyogapose Dream Yoga (Milam Yoga) is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice that develops lucid or conscious dreaming. It is a practice that is accessible to everyone and serves to strengthen spiritual awareness and personal freedom. This workshop will cover many techniques for setting up and maintaining dream awareness....

Attention Students who have purchased deals

Skanda Yoga Studio only accepts deals from NEW students only.  No exceptions.  Also, students are limited to 1 deal only.  If, you recently purchased a deal from Couptessa we are not honoring that deal, because they have gone out of business.  If you recently purchased the MetaBody pass it can only be used Tuesdays, Thursdays,...

Brickell Magazine: Devout Yogi (Lina Vallejo)

Devout Yogi

“The most fulfilling part of teaching yoga is seeing the transformation in my students.”As the owner of Skanda Yoga Studio in Brickell, Lina Vallejo is on an extreme mission to accentuate the power of the mind and body. “Many don’t think that yoga is an extreme sport, but that’s because they haven’t practiced with...

Lina Vallejo

Lina is a gifted and refined yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga and teaching for over 10 years. She began studying all forms of Hatha yoga, and received a certificate specializing in Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. She later directed her studies in Anusara, and was an inspired-Anusara teacher before the creation of Skanda Yoga.