Skanda Yoga

Skanda Yoga is an alignment-based power vinyasa style that is based on Indian philosophy and mythology. It is a progressive style for advancing the practice of traditional asana (posture) while incorporating modern scientific stretching techniques.  The energy of the spiritual warrior is invoked for a challenging, inspiring, and transformational practice. 

Skanda Yoga uses the 13-Moon Natural Time calendar, also known as the Dreamspell, as a living oracle to base the class sequence and spiritual intention in order to align with nature’s cyclical patterns. This increases resonance with the universal energy and the experience of synchronicity off the mat. Synchronicity is the revelation of the meta-pattern of existence and is a form of confirmation from the Universe that you are in alignment. The aim of Skanda Yoga is to strengthen the physical form, enhance life force energy, and aligning the individual with the Universal.