Born and raised in Venezuela, Tania took her first yoga class in 2000 when she moved to Miami, and immediately fell in love with the essence of its teachings. While trying different teachers and methods Tania found a true connection with Lina Vallejo, as well as Ken Von Roenn before they established Skanda yoga. Once the Skanda yoga program and studio opened, she got certified and began her own journey as a yoga instructor. Tania is passionate about yoga; her classes are dynamic with an emphasis on breathing and the art of alignment, all part of the Skanda principles. She teaches yoga as a way to give her students a message of intention and help them contemplate what to take from the mat into their daily life. Along with yoga, Tania has a true love for music, carefully selecting and making her own mixes. If you find yourself in one of her yoga classes, you will listen to an eclectic blend of sounds ranging from world; eastern, western, Indian mantras, downtempo, soulful house, folk, new age, balearic, chill, kirtan…and of course always a track “en español” as a reminder of her roots!


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