Dave has been involved in wellness since the age of 16. A former Red Cross lifeguard and swim instructor, and then later a NSCA certified personal trainer he has always believed in the health benefits of physical activity. Dave began his training in inner wellness by studying meditation in 1998. Finding that his body was still restless as his mind calmed he subsequently started to explore moving meditation through the martial arts of tai chi and aikido. While yoga asanas (and the wider body of yoga science) were an obvious choice to pursue they remained unexplored by him for many years. In 2011 this changed when Dave joined Skanda Yoga Studio and began to study under the tutelage of the school’s creators Ken von Roenn III and Lina Vallejo. This blessed first experience instantly resonated with Dave and he knew yoga would be from that point forward a lifelong pursuit. In 2012 Dave completed the Skanda Teacher Training Program and has taught classes at the studio since. His classes are fun, centering, and focused on improving each student’s proficiency within their individual path.


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