Alma Killingsworth

A Colombian born and raised. Since her early years in life  Alma enjoyed the connectivity she has always felt around the natural wonders of the world. Rivers, mountains, waterfalls and agricultural life surrounded her upbringing in the rural area of Los Llanos in Colombia. This relationship with nature was interesting but yet unexplored until later. It was not until she discovered through yoga a path for transformation and connectivity with the higher self and the universe around. The same path that has allow her to see the world in a more simple and beautiful way, perhaps enjoying life as much as a child. She has been blessed to be under the guidance of Skanda Yoga® founders Lina Vallejo and Ken von Roen III whom have created a style of yoga that encourages people to bring the best of out of themselves to then go a share it to the world. Alma graduated from the Skanda Yoga® 200 hour teacher training in 2014.  Her classes are full of energy and for all level practitioners. Alma aims to always help students to shine in and outside the mat!

Alma pic

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