Heather Morgan

Heather holds certifications in Skanda Yoga and Krama Vinyasa, and is a lifelong student.  She currently lives and teaches in Palm Desert, California.

She encourages her students to practice from the Heart – to give life to each pose with intention and purpose, live the pose through breath and awareness, and dissolve the pose with mindfulness and grace.

Heather is a Yellow Overtone Human so it goes without saying that she encourages students to celebrate their own uniqueness; to explore their own energy and where that will take them; and to find joy both on and off the mat.

As well as teaching Skanda Yoga she offers therapeutic yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation.  She also creates and teaches workshops on yoga, the Maya calendar, and Chakra centering using essential oils, vibrational sounds, crystals, and color.

Website: is www.earthspirityoga.me


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