Nerissa Sparkman

Nerissa has been an avid yoga practitioner for 14 years and has traveled and lived all over the world. You can usually find her with a yoga mat in one hand and camera in the other.  She was initially drawn to yoga through her meditation practice and found herself studying in her hometown of Louisville, KY under the amazing teachers at Yoga East, including Ken Von Roenn III. When she moved to Miami from London, England three years ago there was no question in her mind where she wanted to practice, or who she wanted to practice with.  Skanda’s co-creators, Ken and Lina, have been amazing mentors, guides, teachers and friends throughout Nerissa’s time here in Miami.  It was their dedication, energy and style of yoga that finally moved her to want to share her yoga practice with others as a Skanda Yoga teacher, and so she completed her training with Ken and Lina in 2014. Nerissa’s students benefit from her energy, her authenticity, and her deep devotion to the inner peace and mental clarity found through yoga.  She hopes others will learn, as she did, that yoga is not simply a practice to develop a flexible, healthy and stable physical body, but a practice to develop the mind as well. Yoga has been one of the most transformative and beautiful gifts present throughout her life, and she is beyond excited to share it with others.


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