Vanessa Escote

Vanessa Escote
Spiritual Warrior – Power Vinyasa Style – Skanda 200 RYS

With a Strong foundation in the Fashion Industry, I began my career as a
Professional Model when I was 15, being honored several times by
receiving international invitations to participate in important Runways. In
the business and educational aspects, I possess knowledge in global
Fashion Marketing, Public relations, Sales, Fashion Trends, Art direction,
and Styling.
Having the opportunity to travel through many different countries have
awakened in me a great interest in nature, art, healthy food and the
necessity to learn and evolve as a human being, finding the true love of
life and what make each one of us unique.
In addition to this, Since my childhood I have been immerse in a very
athletic life: Ballet, Volleyball and Swimming, making me a “sport lover”.
In 2012 I began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Caracas-Venezuela, and after
moving to Miami that year I started practicing in different places until
early 2015 I discovered this magic Place “Skanda studio” where I had the
chance to develop my practice under the guidance of two masters of
Yoga in Florida: Lina Vallejo and Ken Von Roenn III, Creators of the
Skanda Yoga, an alignment-based power vinyasa style that use the 13-
Moon Natural Time calendar in order to align ourselves with the nature’s
cyclical patterns.

I believe that yoga “The path of Union” is fundamental for each individual
of this planet. As spiritual beings we should work in our self-realization,
becoming more aware of what “life” means and the importance of joy
and happiness. We are here to develop our “Dharma” or purpose in life
while we discover the true sense of Joy and Happiness, and there is one
“safe” path that will lead us there. How? By sharing your gifts and talents
with the universe and be in service to others, to ignite the fire in the soul
and light up our spirit.

As a Spiritual Warrior and Yoga teacher I would love to share my “gift” by
helping people to connect with their inner self, empower their spirits and
revitalizing their mind, body and soul, through the power of “Breath”
creating inner heat with a powerful practice.


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