Nelson Solis

An interest in the human body and its functionality has been on Nelson’s mind since his teenage years. Although this curiosity manifested itself initially as purely scientific and anatomical, there were aspects of movement that brought upon conundrums in thought to which he could not find answers in the books of science. It wasn’t until three years ago, when a back injury steered him to the use of yoga for rehabilitation, that he started to find resolutions to his questions in the Skanda Yoga studio. Went for the body, stayed for the spirit (nice slogan! Copyright pending); Nelson has been able to slowly develop through the hands of all his teachers. Having completed the Skanda Yoga Teacher training in 2015 under it’s creators, Ken Von Roenn III and Lina Vallejo, he looks forward to not only furthering his own practice… but yours as well!

Armed with a metaphorical physical/spirit/mind tri-scale, his classes are filled with fun, action, energy and knowledge to continue the development of your yogic experience. With a strong emphasis on the basics, his classes are great for beginners or practitioners that want to go over their foundations.

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