Victor Zuclich

Victor has been a practitioner for almost two decades and in 2015 took his Skanda Yoga Teacher Training. He first discovered yoga after a debilitating cancer surgery at the age of 20 and credits his recovery, in part, to the cumulative benefits of a quality yoga practice. A true native Floridian, Victor moved to Miami in 2006 to continue his career as a Park Biologist and Wildland Firefighter. Having been raised with a deep connection and fascination of the natural world, he felt instantly connected to Skanda’s synchronistic fusion of energy and nature.

Victor continues to train under Anand (Ken) Von Roenn III and Sadhana (Lina) Vallejo, constantly working to deepen his connection and understanding to the synchronicity of the natural energy cycles that surround us all. He believes strongly in developing community and wants to continue of a path of helping others in need. Some of his aspirations through teaching yoga include the creation of a non-profit foundation to assist cancer patients and developing an eco-yoga retreat company.

vic asana


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