Chael Soler

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Chael was always involved in sports and wellness playing soccer from the age of four, enjoying surfing and skateboarding as a teenager.
As a college and professional soccer player he suffered many injuries and had to go through two knee surgeries which affected his soccer practice and overall wellbeing.

After ending his soccer career he started a to look for a new practice and spiritual path and found himself connecting to yoga and triathlon racing. Chael quickly experienced the benefits of yoga practice which helped healing his knee injuries and improved his strength, flexibility and mobility for a healthier and improved triathlon training.
In 2015, guided by his teachers Ken and Lina, he completed the Skanda Yoga 200 hour teacher training which opened up a new world of possibilities and a special connection to yoga as a physical, mental and spiritual practice.
Today, as an Ironman finisher and Skanda yoga teacher Chael is committed to guide his students to not only connect with their true essence and full potential but also to allow yoga improve their performance and wellbeing while practicing other great sports and disciplines.



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