Class Descriptions

Skanda Yoga

Skanda Yoga is a breath-inspired, alignment-based power vinyasa style. The warrior spirit is invoked to initiate a transformation, and the energy of the Mayan calendar is embodied to align with nature’s cyclical patterns. Skanda Yoga is designed to challenge the practitioner’s perceived limitations and to encourage all to blaze their own path into unexplored territories in order to manifest the impossible. The class is fun, challenging, inspiring, and self-empowering.

We offer three different levels of classes. These levels are for Skanda Yoga classes and they are not meant to correspond to the levels of other styles. If you are an ashtanga vinyasa practitioner then our levels would be on par with the primary, intermediate, and advanced level. If you have never practiced ashtanga vinyasa or power yoga then it is recommended to schedule a private yoga session so we can determine the appropriate class for you.

  • Skanda Yoga Level 1 : Beginners to power vinyasa yoga
  • Skanda Yoga Level 2 : Intermediate (strong and challenging)
  • Skanda Yoga Level 3 : Advanced (experienced practitioners and Yoga Teachers)

Power Yoga

Power Yoga classes are a form of hatha (solar/lunar) yoga.  The classes are strong and dynamic, while incorporating vinyasa (flow).  Each class is different and challenging.