New to Yoga

New Students to Skanda Yoga Studio should arrive a few minutes early to sign the waiver.

Please register for the class through our website or our brand new Skanda Mobile App (IOS-Apple), feel free to use it and pre-register.

If you are attending a 12:30 level 3 class on Saturday or Sunday then it is recommended to sign up online in advance to secure your space. You should register before the class to reserve your spot. Classes have limited space, is better to reserve your spot.

There is valet parking located in the first floor and public parking 1 or 2 blocks north. 

When attending class wear comfortable athletic clothing that you are prepared to sweat in. There is a bathroom for changing after class. Please bring your own mat. We rent Manduka PRO mats for $3. The first towel is complimentary. The second is $1.

The room is at a temperature between 84-90 degrees. We don’t use external heat but incorporate stronger poses to generate internal heat. It is not uncommon to hear students say that they sweat more at Skanda Yoga than at a Bikram yoga class.

All Skanda Yoga classes are challenging. The levels are not meant to be compatible with other schools or studios. A level 1 Skanda Yoga class might be a level 3 class at a different studio. If you are unsure which class to attend then we recommend starting with the morning classes during the weekdays and weekends. The 6pm classes on the weekends and 8pm classes during the weekdays are also excellent for beginners.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to phone us at 786.567.8124 or email