Sound Session with Tea Roman

  Sound Session with Tea Roman-tearoman-soundbowls-yoga-restorative-miami-brickell-meditation-healingsession-meditation-restorativeyoga-yogamiami  


Rooted in an ancient approach to sound, you will be guided through a combination of gentle restorative yoga incorporating powerful Tibetan Bowl frequencies and meditation with...


Chakra Sound Bath, Breathwork and Essential Oils

chakra-soundbowl-fullmoon-essentialoils-yoga-yogafullmoon-skandayoga-breath-breathwork Join Michelle Alva at Skanda Yoga Key Biscayne for a multi-sensory sound immersion that will leave you feeling light, clear and floating.  Michelle, a Physical Therapist, Energy Healer, Creator of The Alva Method® and Yoga Therapist will guide you through a mindful sound journey with breathwork, music, toning, and...

Adjustment and Assisting Workshop for Teachers

This is a continuing education workshop designed for yoga teachers.  It will cover how to stabilize students to recruit more strength, and how to use body weight and leverage to create deeper openings. The class will also cover assisting and spotting in advanced balancing poses. The class...